Whether you are new to church, considering transferring, got invited, or just generally curious what it's all about...we understand it would be nice to know what to expect.

Below are sections that help to illustrate a day in the life of someone attending service.

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact the administrative assistant, senior minister, or youth minister (details below). 


Our church is located just up the road after turning north on church street in Morgantown.

Exact directions from your location can be found by using the following link:

Our address is 2717 S Morgantown Rd., Morgantown, IN 46160

If accessibility is of interest, please see our accessibility details.

People usually start arriving 15 minutes before 9am, Sundays, with a few stragglers continuing to arrive until 5 minutes after.

Attire is casual to business casual.

Before Service

Greeters will help to open the doors for you with a general "good morning".

  • Coat closet is first door on the right.
  • Restrooms are available on the left (ladies) and right (gentlemen).
  • Water fountain on the left.
  • Private prayer request is on the left, to the right of the nursery.


  • Birth - 2yrs: Nursery is 3rd door on the left and includes a privacy viewing room
  • 3 - 5yrs: Wee Worship is 1st door on the left
  • K - 5th Grade: Kidz Kountry is down the stairs on the right, take a right, first door on the left
  • 6th Grade +: Main worship service
  • Child attendance of these programs is encouraged, but not required.  Each program including the main worship service is focused on a particular group and catering to their needs.  Sometimes intermixing can cause disruptions.

Greeters will also hand out newsletters (with service details and church info) as you enter the worship center.

Getting Settled

As you enter the main doors, directly to the left on the back wall is a table with "visitor information packets" if you wish to take one to learn more about us.

There are 4 sections of pews and many rows.  While people are creatures of habit where they sit, you are welcome to find a location that helps you feel comfortable visiting.  The first row, in the front, in the two center pews is reserved for service needs.

A projector will put song lyrics and the service presentation in the blank wall area between the wall crosses.  The band is on the left of the stage.  A speaker system ensures everyone can hear regardless of where you sit.  Hearing helpers are also available at the sound booth when you enter the worship center on the right.

When in a pew, please fill out an attendance card and pass it to the closest aisle.

Service starts promptly at 9am.  Events will be shown by the projector before service starts.

Worship Service

Service typically takes 1.5 hours and is over by 10:30am.

The service typically flows to the schedule:

  • Opening Song
  • Welcome statement
  • Song(s) of Praise
  • Meet and greet (~3-5 minutes)
  • Continued worship song
  • Prayer (including prayer requests)
  • Message/Sermon from Minister
  • Invitation time w/Song
  • Elder devotional and prayer
  • Communion (brought to you in the pews)
  • Wrap up comments
  • Closing Chorus

If you are uncomfortable singing, that's okay, you don't have to.

Some of the songs are done standing.  If you are unable to stand or frequently get up/down, it is completely okay to sit.

Communion is provided as crackers and grape juice with individual small portions for each person.  It is passed out to everyone optionally, and taken together.

If you wish, here is a 5 minute clip of a sermon:

After service

After service is over, we provide cookies and coffee in the entry hall so people can have quick time for fellowship.  If you would like to talk with our senior minister, please feel free to.

Connection time, Sunday School, begins after service is over at 10:30.  The various sessions going on are all on the lower level with the exception of Willing Workers.  An elevator is available if needed to get to the lower level.

The standing desk to the right usually includes various information options about things going on or signing up for events.

At this point if you wish to leave, thank you for visiting.